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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 13, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>mark: thank you for joining, the heavy rains over central san rafael. if you are not seeing heavy and hal, expected to head south. half you can see the camera shaking in the wind.
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on the east shore freeway, traffic on the berkeley curve. >>darya: the storm is picking up momentum. >>james: we have a lot to talk about. we have wind, rain and all of that to talk about. here is the latest that we have. light rain on 680. on the nimitz, 880 from the knees down to san leandro and hayward, light rain falling.
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we have light rain on the southern peninsula. hist light rain from afar and all the way up to seven cisco. the darker green is slightly heavier rain.
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it does not look like we will warm up much passed these numbers. the wind is also an issue. 20-30 mi. an hour sustained winds at last check sfo had delays of two hours 50 minutes. we will talk more about the long-range forecast and map out how the rain should move to the bay area coming up in just a little bit. >>george: so far we do not have any hot spots. we are still on the cost of seeing a few problems. on the bay bridge we have a wind advisory.
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drive times are running 14- 17 minutes, less for aristide. the fact that there is already started to diminish. it on the san mateo bridge there is a wind advisories in place. the traffic volume is pretty normal. we have not seen much aware of changes. the pickup has cleared that was stalled on the right- hand shoulder. traffic across the span is moving a little slower than usual. there were some potential hot spots, one of them was on interstate 680 staff count prurient 80 westbound
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has the the incident near a sunol deliverer. so far, you can see the drive times are good. 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the southbound 680 problems have cleared themselves. traffic is starting to slow and the drive time is up to 29 minutes out of novato to the golden gate. >>jackie: when you first come of this morning the
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first thing you notice is not the rain, it is the wind. it's extremely strong. we did have a little rain blow through here about 15- 20 minutes ago but nothing to speak of ram. earlier this morning in the north bay the rain was coming in a sideways, heavy at times. right now it is just the wind to deal with. >>darya: yoli aceves is live in san francisco, what are the conditions there? >> we're feeling a little bit of a sprinkle. off of the rain is just starting to come down and the downtown area.
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>>justine: check with your airline to determine if you have any problems. this has been going on for a couple of hours. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. hot sauce
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>>mark: here is a look at have the rain coming down and this and rebel area. we're seeing rain start to pick up in intensity. here's a look at the rain from the golden gate. >>darya: the gop candidates square off today in alabama and mississippi. 84 delegates are at stake. a victory in either state would be an important breakthrough for mayor from a pure alcohol american
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samoa and a wide are also holding caucuses tonight. let's take a look at the numbers coming to us from the associated press. mitt romney has 454 delegates. keep in mind that the winner needs 1144 delegates. the republican party would use its nominee at the republican national convention. >>mark: the break gave way
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stock , austrian benghazi in
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lieu of another systems that her hair evening into friday. can >>george: we are watching
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deceive limit congestion heads. on the bay area bridges, so far things are doing pretty well. the 19 minute drive time on 80 westbound. the dublin canyon is better than expected. the south the freeways are slow a bit. there is some sort traffic stop of san rafael. the drive time is still at 29 minutes from a bottle headed down to the golden gate.
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wind advisories are and fleas on the bridges. the back of still reaches towards the macarthur maze of but not through it. the changeable message sign has been activated. on the golden gate bridge we have seen a slower traffic with of the deck as wet as it has been but there are no backups on the approach. >>justine: we are following reports that the verizon 4g network is out of service. we are not sure how widespread the issue has become. we are working to get new information.
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>>mark: the taliban and opened fire on senior afghan officials, this comes after a soldier attacked afghan citizens. students in the east stage the first significant protests in response to the shootings by a u.s. soldier. we are now learning that the suspect in the shootings is an infantry sniper and that he suffered a traumatic brain injury during his last deployments in iraq. he was later found fit for duty after treatment. this was his first tour in afghanistan.
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>> he basically turned himself in. war is hell, events like this will take place, they take place in any war. they are terrible events. this is not the first of those events and probably will not be the last. >> panetta said the shooting rampage, through nato and its allies of of their chartered course. >>darya: 31 dead and dozens of missing after a pact ferry capsized in a river in southern bangladesh.
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>>darya: san francisco teachers are planning a rally tonight at the board of education to protest the more than 500 layoff notices sent out to teachers last month. they are also protesting the with the layoffs were distributed. schools in low-income areas worst fear from layoffs but some say that teachers outside of those low income areas deserve the same protection. in contra costa county, 91 teachers will get king slips after the mt. diablo school district approved preliminary layoff notices at a meeting last night.
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>>mark: here is a live look from san francisco, traffic is starting to build onto 101 southbound.
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>>mark: the dow is up for the first time in two weeks, the dow is at 13,013 as the dow is hanging at 13,000 territory as it was in may of 2008.
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>>erica: coupled with widespread rain we are seeing pretty dusty conditions. it is not as windy as will we saw around 4:00 a.m.. we saw wind speeds in the '20s. looks like it's a full reporting 80 mi. an hour sustained winds. check out fairfield. they're dealing with 30 mi. per hour winds. we do have one of advisers for a number of bay area bridges. as we head into the latter part we will see when speeds increase. we could also see when gusts in the 40-50 mi. an hour range. we could see gusty conditions along the coastline and even in the south bay.
7:34 am
more on this in just a minute. we do want to see how the weather is impacting the roadways. >>george: we are continuing to monitor conditions and looking for our first hot spot, so far conditions are pretty good despite the weather. for your ride on the san mateo bridge has been pretty much of the late free. -- pretty much delay free. there ride through marin county is a live longer than usual this morning likely because of the rain.
7:35 am
first, a look at the east bay right. highway 4 is heavier than usual on the west and coming off of the will of passed. that could end up being our first hot spot this morning and 38 the slow through franklin canyon. >>mark: jackie sissel is
7:36 am
live at the east shore crude. myriad if alcan the more finn knew time a sudden anand the and enhance his hadn't
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>>mark: level-is attentions on a bit of dread and on up 101 in the peninsula is not bad at all. steady rainfall. it is not being driven by gusty conditions that we saw this morning. the winds are old completely done. the roadways are obviously wet but i do not see any hydroplaning going on. right now, all of us are going below the speed limit simply because we want to be careful. >>justine: here is what is al green, we talked earlier about problems with the verizon 4g network. we are hearing whatever the problem was it was causing outages it has now been fixed. hopefully you will not have any issues.
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with a one year term. at&t. >>mark: moderate-heavy rain across the entire bay area. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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♪ >>james: a lot to talk about with the weather. it will stay with us all day long and into tomorrow. future cast 4 is set for 7:00 a.m.. heaviest of the brain is still confined to the north. -- the heaviest of the rain still confined to the north. by noon, the yellow and red indicates moderate-heavy rain.
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>>george: for those of you driving highway 4, a rough wide. with talk about lighter than usual traffic it holds true for normally everywhere except here on highway 4. you have the usual slow traffic coming out of antioch last -- westbound. the ride has been slow on highway 4 heading to franklin canyon, that is in the not commute direction. here is a look on the bay bridge westbound.
7:48 am
traffic is moving well. your ride on the golden gate is definitely a little slower than normal. >>darya: and gary, i've read a quote about ready mall same day he is like a super hot ex-girlfriend. the hall health with caught
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>>darya: you wonder if his attitude is going to rear its ugly head. >>gary: yes. cause hot house one year is only one year. for one year,, you can dump him if he is not good. >>darya: it seems so simple to me. he >>gary: that is high enough
7:50 am
the contract was not huge. it is still great money in the real world. >>darya: they are not releasing anything about what he will make. i am just curious. >>gary: it could be the league minimum with a bunch of incentives, so that if he performs well. he worked with norland and the forty-niners. >>darya: he has been on the couch for 14 months. >>gary: he is probably right behind jerry rice in that position.
7:51 am
>>darya: these guys get $400 a game in arena football, what happened recently, i guess there was going to be a strike, rather than wait for the strike the owner met the team before the game opener at the olive garden and fired them all. they had some who jumped the line and they have replacements.
7:52 am
>>gary: if there is a little bit of of violence involved and the object is to hit the other person and you are not making any money, you know and i am saying? as far as sports are concerned, anyone who played minor league football, always those are for them. >>gary: a lot of people like that arena football.
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>>darya: have you seen at the davis and his unit brow? >>gary: he is probably the best player in all of college. >>darya: here is the the thing, i do not think guys know how to tame their eyebrows. there is nothing weird about looking. shaving looks stupid. a little bit of plotting is natural, no harm, no foul. cockerill >>gary: i am going to go look in the mirror right now. >>darya: this just in, randy moss, his deal is worth to
7:54 am
clarify million. >>gary: is the guaranteed? if >>darya: the incentives are on top of that burning it's a 4 million. is that a big contract? >>gary: i will see later. >>darya: we will be right back. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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>> here is your look at the ski report. for more information on these resorts and others, this is >>mark: the dow jones is that over 13,000.
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we will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. call off the text in
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>>mark: we are following the weather, heavy rains are starting to pick up in intensity around the bay area. we are tracking a series of storms expected to come and for the remainder of the week. here is a live look at albany on 80 westbound. in san francisco, the rain has picked up in intensity for the last 20 minutes. >>justine: in the newsroom we're watching delays at sfo. i will let you know how long those delays are coming out.
8:01 am
>>darya: the rain is picking up in intensity. gen how much it is almost bay area >>james: in some spots it is rather intense.
8:02 am
the peninsular ride from the south bay at the san francisco, on and off again rain.
8:03 am
>>george: we have not seen as many hot spots as we had expected to see. how we score is still a hot spot. there is an accident near salon no way that is of the freeway but still managing to garner some attention. traffic is backed up into the will pass. normally things would be pretty clear. it is still pretty sluggish for 680 sel and leading into concord. the rest of the commute is heavy but not unusually so. on the bridges, we have a wind advisories in effect. a 16-18 minute drive time, much less did he come from the nimitz. the standard tale is also
8:04 am
under an advisory. how the marin commission is a little longer than usual for 11 southbound but has not been bad across the golden gate. " and >>jackie: the rain is blowing in sideways. be aware. >>darya: yoli eceves is in san francisco on the embarcadero. she here and looking at what it is light there.
8:05 am
>>yoli: the rain is coming down moderately. as far as the wind, i am in an area we do not feel too much. >>darya: we will have more on the conditions in tahoe coming up. >>justine: we are following delays at sfo for arriving flights. some are delayed up to three hours. this is affecting some
8:06 am
departing schedules as well. the advice is to check with airline before you travel. i will be back with an update in about 25 minutes. >>mark: the gop candidates for president squared off in alabama, mississippi as well as hawaii and american samoa. cost >>mark: coming up will bring down the delegates for tonight's race. santorum has said he will not drop of the race.
8:07 am
>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. he is a live look at san francisco from the roof on van ness ave. when ...with a two-year-old at home.
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8:10 am
we will see this hanging with us for the week off and on. lough in-house >>mark: the dow jones is solidly over 15,000, at least for now. we have had the largest gain in retail sales in five months.
8:11 am
those numbers are does coming in. retail sales are increasing in the united states. a stronger demand from consumers despite the fact high gasoline prices are also on the rise. >>darya: we will be back with more news in just a couple of minutes. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. very gloomy and grave. thank psst
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8:14 am
>>james: here is a live look at the san mateo bridge theory the rain is coming down hard in spots furious the radar view is centered over the bridge.
8:15 am
the rain is coming down rather heavy in scotts billionths path heavy rain is still slated to come later today. we will advance the clock to about and in a vehicle you can still see the system well to our north. by the afternoon new a half just over the north bay your commute home in glen to be a wet one. the front was that over the heart today through wednesday.
8:16 am
we have not seen a good rain like this all winter long. we will have another system rolling through on thursday. a week from today is the beginning of this grey the with-is the beginning of spring, the equinoxes. fog >>george: we are tracking a few hot spots. we will show you where traffic is the skull. what is not because of any major incidents. off we are looking at a slow going for westbound highway 4 through the will of passed. fit is a slower than usual rights.
8:17 am
fear of year you can see it is through the walnut creek interchange.
8:18 am
faugh >>george: traffic is light coming through the toll plaza. >>justine: off we are waiting for the president. they're getting the podium set up. international for $900 theft put both of iowa and
8:19 am
thousand dollars if and path of a review of a button off >>mark: and afghan soldier instead after the taliban opened fire on the group
8:20 am
visiting villages, the attack came as students in the youth staged their first major for of tests against the shootings by the u.s. soldier. we are learning more about the suspect in the shooting. he was a sniper who suffered a traumatic brain injury during his left to the point man in a raft. wolf he was found for duty after treatment. leon panetta spoke about the shooting. >> he went out in the early morning. he went to these homes and fired on these families.
8:21 am
forehoof upheld call >> these arts carol will events. and it is not the first of of events >>darya: very when people are dead and the dead and missing after it had ferry boat capsized in southern bangladesh. 35 people were rescued after the after colliding with a cargo boat. divers recovered 34 bodies
8:22 am
hot >>mark: equip break as the kron4 news continues. we will have more on the bay area weather and traffic after the bronco. here is a live look at the james lick. traffic is sluggish for. and let's go live to jackie sissel in albany, traffic on the east shore/applause
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>>darya: we big downpour happening near fairfield. everyone is getting a good dose of rain. rated a messy looking commute over the golden
8:26 am
gate. but look at the non commute direction going from san francisco to marin county, it is also very slow. cars are not jammed on the bridge the going more slowly. >>mark: the san francisco forty-niners have signed a man the loss and grief he signed a one-year deal with the offense is serious thick. here he was working out with the team yesterday at the 49ers practice facility. resigning helps to fill a major void for the 49ers. randy moss did not play last year but did play the year before off. >>mark: a 2.5 million deal with incentives that could take him over 4 million.
8:27 am
air to the house i have been asking viewers of acquiring randy moss was worth it for the 49ers. qr take a look at some of the responses. >>george: or commenting on the traffic here. on the bay bridge it is slow on 101. the golden gate is hour hot spot. it was an accident reported
8:28 am
in the southbound direction. it has been slowing the northbound right. there is still one lane blocks at the north end of the bridge. the accident is southbound. it is having an impact on the northbound side as well. more when the kron4 morning news returns.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>mark: says gop candidates are squaring off in alabama, mississippi and hawaii. a big difference and gingrich and rep santorum in these seven states. an afghan soldier is dead as the talent and opened fire in the wake of a u.s. soldier killing 16 x cancel billions.
8:31 am
>>james: widespread rain from antioch to concord. every corridor is dealing with life-moderate rain. in the south bay, most of the area is under a light rain. third sofar soft soft ball cotta
8:32 am
>>erica: gusty conditions. 33 mi. per hour sustained winds in oakland. it does not matter where you are located, we are dealing
8:33 am
with gusty conditions at. wind gusts could get up to 40-50 mi. to shore. washed my in o'clock tonight we will be dealing with windy conditions. shuffler she's fifth for >>george: did to let lanes horselaugh fell down, pish take a look at the traffic maps these issues and talking about.
8:34 am
installed leader you will be in a slow and go traffic up and over the world of great. >>george: the 680 ride, the 20 this fresh flowers and animals ballot, this with a vat. shush hah on the bay bridge to i have here some improvement sphere this there is still slow traffic towards the bird would curve in the gulf of a flood ferias your ride on a standard here bridge is
8:35 am
still a good one but pretty have the right at highway 92. remember, the wind dies trees are in place on the bay bridge, dumbarton bridge near richmond-san rough adrift josh south >>justine: there are a rival delays and departure delays at sfo. the advice is to check with your airline before you travel. we're still getting new information on this and we will keep you posted. the good news is the delays are only at sfo not at oakland or san jose. >>mark: jackie sissel is live in albany with more on the weather. >>jackie: you are looking at golden gate fields. here is a look at the east
8:36 am
shore freeway. traffic is backing act. not only are we having heavy rain come down like we have not seen all morning long, but also have the wind. when the advisers are still in effect under a lot of bay area bridges. >>darya: will tran is continuing team coverage taking a look at conditions in the south bay. >>will: thick, dark clouds are sitting above us. it is dark in you will need your headlights. we have dodged a major bullet as far as the morning commute. if anything, people are going above the speed limit. >>mark: the gop candidates
8:37 am
are squaring off in alabama serious -- alabama and mississippi. mitt romney has more delegates than his rivals combined. 454, but he needs 1144 to win the nomination. such sphere since south sforza from >>darya: we're back with alan and a couple of minutes this thick fog here is a lot conditions are like in san francisco. a lot of clouds, we will be right back. apps a a what had and the
8:38 am
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all hough when half of hothouse but when the
8:41 am
>>george: welcome back, the crews are still working to clear the accident from the north and of the golden gate bridge. an amd could be just minutes away from clearing out some lanes. cooking the southbound ride is an especially bad. stop and go traffic over the wall the grain. drive times are nearly one hour out of novato. i will have a complete traffic wreck coming up. >>justine: the president at the white house at the rose garden talking about jobs and a trade initiative. just moments ago he said that the united states use the killing of advances since as seriously as if they were americans. the president has just left the podium. we will give you some of the sound coming up at 9:00
8:42 am
a.m.. we will be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>george: southbound volume is starting to pick up. it looks like they have cleared the crash. there, you as the volume picks up southbound, we conceded things are moving once again. it looked as though the accident has cleared. it has backed up southbound
8:46 am
101 ride over the wall to upgrade. lanes were blocked for about 25 minutes or more. it has added 20 minutes to drive time which is over 60 minutes coming out of nevada and heading down to the golden gate bridge. that is not our only hot spot. on highway four things are already starting to break up. the heavy traffic is from pittsburg west. the northbound ride is starting to clear on the bay bridge westbound, the commute is unwinding pretty well in the slow on the lower east shore freeway greenhouse and drive times
8:47 am
are running 14-15 minutes theophrastus >>mark: is live at the sierra, it is selling on tv. >>darya: is hit or miss come over here is a strike. when the >>darya: justin is joining us, where are you right now? >> i am right in middle of the snow. >>darya: what is clear on this weekend? >> miracle march is in motion. " i do not know if it is our phone call every tuesday but it seems to be silly every time motta calling. its analysts been a
8:48 am
>> this is warranted prk offers free. tahoe's wanted the best it has ever been. we have at $61 kirkwood tickets on our web site. make sure you check al our web sites, this weekend is is no weekend. >>mark: we have a live picture of 80 ed donner summit. i did not see traffic having any problems getting through. it is really coming down. >>darya: a big difference between that shot and interstate 50. third >>erica: here is a look at your ski report.
8:49 am
for more information on these resorts check out in >>james: let's take a look at weather. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge.
8:50 am
we have a lot of moisture, in some spots, rather intense rain. here is a quick look at what we are seeing, especially through the heart of the bay. oakland is dealing with light rain. your ride across the bay bridge will be a wet one for you. the wet weather will last into tomorrow, so keep that in mind. we will have a more extensive look on the forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend coming up.
8:51 am
>>mark: gas prices have gone up once again. take a book at increased gas prices. >>mark: bart is looking into different ways to of the many possible price break for the weekends. right now there are about 380,000 riders on bart during the week.
8:52 am
>>darya: san francisco's sheriff has reached a plea deal in the domestic violence case. ross mirkirimi pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor false imprisonment. he was originally charge of misdemeanor domestic violence, a battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. this came after a fight with his wife on new year's eve. the sheriff will not have to do three years probation, 100 hours of community service and he has to have a year of counseling. the sheriff says he is staying on the job and we will wait to see with the city has to say about that. >>mark: firefighters are battling a big fire that broke out near louisiana. it's nearly two hours to get under control.
8:53 am
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>>mark: the dow is over 13,000. consumers spent more during the month of february. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we're watching the wind and rain around the bay area. the latest on the weather in about 50 minutes. [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment
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>>george: traffic wildest that fine the through marin.
9:04 am
9:05 am
>>mark: jackie sissel is live on the east shore freeway. yoli eceves is live on the embarcadero with more. >>yoli: it is really coming down now. it is raining pretty hard even though the drops are not that big.
9:06 am
>>justine: arriving flights are delayed over three hours and the departing schedules are also being affected.
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>>darya: state wide area of rain falling near fairfield. >>erica: that is the only area with pretty moderate rainfall. but >>erica: the thing about this system passing, it is a steady, slow moving grain that we are tracking. that will continue to be the case today. we could see more moderate rainfall begin to approach.
9:17 am
as we advance the cause and to the midnight hours we will see widespread rainfall around the bay area. you can expect the rain to be with us over the next few days. temperatures right now are in the mid-50s. oakland, redwood city and mountain view only reaches a high of 59. you will see on the 7 day around the bay forecast, nothing but steady rain and windy, gusty conditions. another system headed our way thursday and friday.
9:18 am
>>george: the southern iran ride is heavier and is slower than usual.
9:19 am
9:20 am
>>will: right now and dry and by minetta-send has a. we have not had any heart raid, the roadways are starting to get a little bit later. it is starting to dry out. for the rest of the morning we will see the rain coming and going. but an
9:21 am
9:22 am
>>justine: if you moments ago the president addressed to the killings in afghanistan. >>president obama: the united states takes this as seriously fact as it it were our older citizens and our own children who were heartbroken over the loss of innocent life. in the killing of innocent civilians is outrageous and unacceptable.
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